Siddharth Jain
Fellow, Data Management
Supply Chain Strategy, Innovation & Deployment
Johnson & Johnson
Hungama hai kyon bar pa, Thodi si jo pee lee hai...
Daaka toh nahi daala, Chori toh nahi ki hai...

Hello and welcome to my homepage. Here you can find links to some of my projects and interests.
Othello (requires Adobe Flash)
Great Circle Plotter
The Tilt Illusion (Silverlight version)
Illusory motion generated by luminosity oscillators with random phase (Silverlight version)
Performance Characterization of Watson Ahumada motion detector using Random Dot Rotary Motion Stimuli
Microsoft Photo Calibration Tool
Texture Transfer using Efros Freeman algorithm
Optical Flow using Watson Ahumada motion detector
The Racetrack (requires Java Runtime)
Take the Racetrack survey (requires Java Runtime)
XIRR: Annual Rate of Return Calculator
CS280 Computer Vision
Data Processing Algorithms for Generating Textured 3D Building Facade Meshes from Laser Scans and Camera Images
CS294-3 Computer Graphics
CS184 Computer Graphics
Image Inpainting and Texture Synthesis - two methods for hole filling in images (paper)
Adding the EPSG:4326 Geographic Longitude-Latitude Projection to TerraServer
CS281A Project - Motion Estimation & Segmentation using EM
EE236A Project - A survey of Laser Range Finding
Design of a multilayer electromagnetic wave absorber using numerical optimization